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Plant your cedar seeds today! Start growing your cedar tree on your desk, on your window, or even on your night stand... This special edition of CedarsBox contains a biodegradable pine pot, a patch of coconut soil, a reusable pot holder and 3 Cedar seeds. Each box comes with instructions for planting, making it as simple and easy as possible to contribute to the reforestation of Lebanon. The box itself is reusable too, don't throw it away!

Stand out with a delicate, uncommon and long-lasting gift. The Cedar, everlasting symbol of splendor, dignity and strength, is yet precious and fragile. For this reason, we recommend that you offer the Seeds Box by CedarsBox to someone who has the possibility to plant it and to take good care of it. We would not want the seeds to be forgotten or to be used as an accessory and not get the chance to grow into a cedar tree.

Get the CedarsBox Seeds Box delivered to you or your loved ones - only available in Lebanon - for $15 USD only! $5 USD delivery fees will apply anywhere across the country.
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