Clement Tannouri, well-known photographer, fervent patriot and nature lover, has long been concerned about environmental issues in Lebanon, particularly regarding the country’s legendary symbol: the Cedar tree.

Therefore, finding a way to support both the preservation of the Cedar of Lebanon and the reforestation of the nation’s largest natural heritage became his new objective. The intent was to engage with Lebanese citizens and to encourage them to contribute actively to the protection of the Lebanese Cedars’ Forest.

Clement had in mind a concept that would foster change in the country so that the future generations could still contemplate and treasure their legacy. At the same time, it also had to be a manner to reach those away from their homeland and to make them feel close and part of a same purpose. Clement has thus imagined a concept that would embrace such a vast and emblematic vision: a gift box of cedars’ seeds to be planted.

This is how CEDARSBOX was born.


CEDARSBOX proposes one-of-a-kind products, kits and gifts solutions pertaining to the plantation of a cedar tree. They have been designed so to answer different types of requirements, projects or happenings but also to make the plantation easy, doable and accessible by anyone from anywhere.

From adopting a cedar tree online to ordering a ready-to-plant kit, CEDARSBOX provides a variety of alternatives. Discover now our full range of products! Offering a cedar means more than an act of goodwill: it is a gesture of significance, bonding and legacy.

Thank your relatives or proclaim your love to your special one with a long-lasting present! Share a part of your origins with new friends! Celebrate the joy of a wedding or of a child’s birth with a tree that will grow with them! Make an original corporate gift to your employees, clients or associates! You might as well get your own cedar tree! Thanks to CEDARSBOX, make any occasion a special and memorable one. Because we know that each event is unique, all of our products can be tailored to your needs or celebrations.

Just contact us and let us help you make a difference.

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